Spilling it

The disconcerting haze is beginning to lift (metaphorically, perhaps, if not literally) .... 

This week brings another fresh crossword for The Student Life (those in the know will have recognized last week's as a refresh of this blog's "Switching around"... that's how you know I had papers due ;0 ) 

Keep in mind that P-P refers to Pomona-Pitzer athletics, whose mascot happens to be the sagehen.

Enjoy the puzzle, and scroll down for some rejected theme entries after you finish it!

Potential spoilers below...

Rejected entries (please use for your own nefarious purposes)
  • SAND BY ME (8) – Carpenter's request to a friend?
  • UNDER SAND (9) 
  • SING LIKE A BEE (12)
  • PIXIE SICK (9) – Fairy's ailment?
  • SEAL THE BACON (12) – Potentially boring playground game?