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Shaping up nicely

Big news! If this is your first time checking out this website (and, if today is May 14, 2021, it is) then welcome to the debut of my crossword blog! I'm excited to share my indie puzzles here in a more organized and accessible way. I'm jumpstarting the site by loading in all my puzzles from this year, and you can check any of them out now! If you've been a member of my informal email list – no sweat, that list will continue! And if you haven't but want these in your inbox, welcome aboard. In non-blog news, I wanted to let you know that I started off the week determined to use the revealer DOGDAYSOFSUMMER (15). As I've begun to realize, one of the most important skills in construction is knowing when to give up, and I did so after about 90 minutes of trying to fit SUN NYOBAMA, BICHON FRI SE, MON GREL/KO MON DOR, AL SAT IAN and (brace yourself) S WED ISHELKHOUND into something workable. Also unclear how summer would have factored into this. If you end up finding succ

Done deals

Believe it or not, it's May already. And you know what that means...